Peak oil isn’t dead; it just smells that way | SmartPlanet

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Energy analyst Chris Nelder fires back at the latest fact-free commentary on peak oil.

UtilityTree‘s insight:

Keith Kloor borrowed an Energy Information Administration (EIA) chart of U.S. production from aBBC article that repeated all the industry’s favorite talking points about how new technology has produced “a new oil rush.” Apparently, neither Kloor nor the BBC author realized that the chart represented “all liquids” production in the United States, not just crude oil, nor bothered to explore the detailed EIA data for themselves, nor tried to explain how this recent boom in U.S. production might dismiss the specter of a global peak. Kloor concluded that The Oil Drum was closing because “the numbers aren’t in your favor right now.” But like the others, he didn’t actually mention any numbers.

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